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Welcome to Basel – Tips for New Residents


Are you new to Basel? Are you looking for day care for your child (Tagesbetreuung), or would you like to enrol him or her for school? Would you like information about the schools in Basel-Stadt or simply assistance in everyday life or work? Would you like to take advantage of the great range of sports and leisure facilities available? Or are you looking for a suitable sports club for you or your child? The following links will guide you to helpful contacts.

Schools and Day Care in Basel-Stadt

» Attending school in Basel-Stadt: Enrolment and counselling (PDF document in 10 languages)
» Day care and daily facilities (Tagesbetreuung/Tagesstrukturen)
» Learning German during the year before kindergarten

Assistance in Everyday Life and Work

Would you like to upgrade your education? Do you need counselling and mediation in legal or social matters? Or help filling in your tax declaration? The GGG Consulting Agency for Foreign Nationals offers you professional advice and competent support as well as translations at reasonable prices – and this into 15 languages.

» German courses / Integration courses (subsidised)
» To the online consulting service of the GGG
» More information in 15 languages and contact with the GGG Consulting Agency  for Foreign Nationals (GGG Ausländerberatung)

Sports and Leisure Activities

Sports keep you fit, is fun and helps to make new friendships. In addition to many public swimming pools and sport and leisure facilities, Basel-Stadt offers a large selection of sports clubs and sports activities for adults and children. Get information from the Basel-Stadt Department of Sports (in german language).

» Park and outdoor swimming pools and public sports facilities
» Sports for adults and children (camps, courses, etc.)
» Sports Basel (umbrella organisation of Basel sports clubs)
» Sports clubs (database site with search function for kinds of sports or full-text search)